Wednesday, September 9, 2009

King Street - ahhh, what a streetscape

Narrow, slightly bendy, lined with double-storey shops. I remember Brennans and its hydraulic messaging system, the Newtown Bridge, the tram shed, the Elizabethan theatre. Well some - much - of it is still there and worth prerserving. Luckily, by quirk of planning, the station and the tram sheds are still largely intact, and lining up for some preservation.

Read on for some local history... Kingston Farm, O'Connell Town, the Newtown Store, Burren Farm... I stumbled over this (via @Stilgherrian)

Heritage Branch Website - Listing Heritage Items - State Heritage Register - Item View
In the 1840s Newtown was described as 'a beautiful village of New South Wales, situated on the road to Cook's River, about three miles from the city of Sydney; it contains 323 houses and 1215 inhabitants, of whom 631 are males and 584 females'.