Sunday, December 3, 2017

Apologies for the short break, my domain was pinched, and Henson Park, reprised

Sorry about that. Well, sorry for myself, mostly. I had to take a 'health break', so the blogging had to  slow to a stop. But I'm on the mend.

Anyway, whilst I was off-colour, shall we say, someone pinched my domain name. Basically the renewal came around, the auto function failed and the domain went to the dark side. Apologies for that as well.

But I'm back, anyway.

With this quote:

"March 1933 - A Gypsy Moth aeroplane made a forced landing.. Both pilot and passenger escape injury. The pilot, Sidney Cheesewright, proprietor of the Stanmore Garage, Stanmore Road, commented that the Gypsy Moth had stalled at 1500 feet above Newington College and he chose Henson Park for an emergency landing. Mr Cheesewright, who was accompanied by John Makinen of Holmesdale Street, said that he circled around into the wind. The park looked small and I decided to make a stall landing. The airplane was severely damaged."

Ah, Marrickville, how I miss thee.