Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The tramways of Sydney

Yes, trams, or light rail. And plenty of them, too. As in largest network outside of London (or was that just largest network outside of London but within the British Commonwealth? Whatever, it was huge.) Checkout Wikipedia here and the Tramway Museum (or SPER).

Look around you when driving - some streets are strangely wide with a big grassy reservation in the middle, like Anzac Parade at Kensington. There are even some tram stops (facing inwards, away from the road) along that same route to La Perouse, and some remaining bus stops are clearly re-used tramway buildings. Some streets and buildings curve gently to the left or right for no apparent reason, like Meagher Street near Cleveland Street, and others have tracks shining through like O'Dea Ave at Zetland. There are plenty of tram catenary clamps hanging off walls along King Street, Newtown, as well. All great examples of urban history, if you care to look.

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jspinella2000 said...

There is even a tram stop painted on a pole near Cremorne wharf in Milson Road. They have kept it in good condition after the trams stopped running in North Sydney in 1958 and it is repainted regularly. It is located near Rialto Ave.

Joseph Spinella.