Saturday, July 3, 2010

SMH reference to pony racing at Kensington, the old tote building and NIDA

Although the Kensington pony track is long gone, the old tote building is still there on the Uni of NSW grounds. NIDA was based there for a long time and there's still a theatre there (or was, last time I checked).

Harry shone back when ponies were almost main event - Horseracing - Sport
The painting of jockey Harry Reed, a kindly old man in civvies, on a wall at Belmore Road, Randwick, is fading. Words say he rode "countless winners" and helped build the University of NSW on the site of the old Kensington racecourse, a pony track much favoured by him. He later worked as a patrolman and gatekeeper at the uni.

Harry Reed? The name never rang a bell. Mind you, growing up around Kensington, having used the lake in the centre of the defunct track for swimming and the old tote building, later to become a nursery for great actors, as a playground, the mystique of pony racing was always strong.
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