Friday, May 30, 2008

F27 VH-EWL Crash-salvage at Bankstown

Ouch, that hurt. If I remember rightly VH-EWL came down outside of Bathurst, the victim of windshear during a storm. It hit high ground on approach (or was it departure?) and basically landed, ummm, prematurely. No-one was seriously injured (to my knowledge) but the airframe was flattened on the bottom as it skidded along... it ended up here on the Condell Park side of Bankstown, up against a low fence. Whilst the markings were clumsily obscured it was pretty obviously the F27 "Friendship" in question!

"PROBABLE CAUSE: "During the climb performance of the aircraft was adversely affected by an unpredictable encounter with a large change in the horizontal wind component, and an associated downdraft, at a height too low to effect recovery." (Dept. of Transport Australia Accident Investigation Report 76-2) "

Worth a mention: there was a WWII military bunker nearby to this site, on the hill behind this shot. I'll post more on that later but it was a seriously large and well hidden centre.

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