Friday, May 30, 2008

Trans International DC8 Sydney 76_933

Sydney Airport was a great place to visit in the 70s. You could move around with ease and no-one really cared what you did. So there I was one day sitting atop a shipping container near the Adastra hangar when this TIA DC-8 Super 63 thundered past my lens. It's runway 25.

This was the most interesting part of Sydney Airport in many ways, with a great view of the "short" runway plus the old Lincoln fuselage to look at across the swamp (used for firefighting practice). Behind those trees is the burned out wreck, with 2 tailplanes just visible (if you have enough imagination). A Pan Am 707 once over-ran the runway whilst taking off on the reciprocal (ie 07, not 25). Apparently a victim of bird-strike, it ended up in the mud at the end of the strip. That was about 1970 or so. A few years later a Pan Am 747 landed long on 25 and did a hard-right turn to just miss the main sewer outfall (and Cook's River).

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