Monday, June 27, 2011

Kensington Racecourse: Wilson's 1926 directory

Kensington_Wilsons 1926_287 by gtveloce
Kensington_Wilsons 1926_287, a photo by gtveloce on Flickr.
Last one on Kenso, and it's the racecourse that became a university - of NSW, to be precise. Kensington racetrack was a pony course adjacent - probably too close - to the Randwick horse racing track. Randwick won out politically and the Kensington ponies were shifted south to Ascot (or Mascot, if you like). The Old Tote building became a theatre under NIDA and the rest of the land became the UNSW.

There are also some interesting tram formations on this 1926 map, including the Dacey Ave line and the loop on the other side of Anzac Parade from the racetracks.

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