Sunday, January 17, 2010

Part 6 of a series of posts. Where was Reiby House?

Reiby House, a 2-storey Georgian villa is generally believed to have been on what is now Reiby Lane, off Station Street, Enmore. The house was demolished by the the then Sydney City Council in about 1966, replaced by a block of flats behind Newtown RSL. The then wealthy retailer Mary Reiby moved to Enmore circa 1840 and the house was almost certainly built by 1843.

Stanmore House was also built by Mary Reiby in the 1840s, for her daughter Elizabeth. It fronted Enmore Road (although still standing it is obscured by later develeopments) and almost backed onto Reiby Lane.

An interesting account is given in Literary Sydney, a Walking Guide, by Dimond and Kirkpatrick

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