Thursday, December 31, 2009

Addison Rd Centre - or Barracks - linked to Gumbramorra Swamp and farming

Addison Road Centre - History
The site of the Addison Road Centre (ARC) in the suburb of Marrickville was once natural wetlands known as the Gumbramorra Swamp which was drained in 1890. The original residents of this area were the Cadigal Wangal People who lived in the area for more than 40,000 years. The Cadigal were a clan of the Darug people and spoke the coastal Eora language. Clans of the area included the Wangal, the Kameygal and the Bediagal. More information can be found here and especially the Cadigal Wangal website here also.

Incredibly despite massive disruption to the First Australians through colonisation we believe there are still descendants of the Cadigal alive today living in this area.

Local farmland for market gardens

There is evidence of a stables and hayloft on the site (which is now the main office, gallery and studios) possibly related to farming or army barracks

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