Friday, December 4, 2009

Interesting yet discarded - part 2

Another bridge, further down the Parramatta River... at Gladesville. You can see where 'Victoria Place' diverts from current Victoria Road, running down to a lower-level bridge. There is a similar arrangement on the northern bank with a strangely-wide and curved road leading from the ferry wharf. You can picture the trams climbing up to Drummoyne, can't you?

And another, but on the Hawkesbury River near Brooklyn. It was Peat's Ferry, in its day the only way across the river by motor vehicle. Replaced with a bridge that was then semi-replaced with a Freeway. Note the roof of the mothballed eat-in/drive-in '50s-style roadhouse:

Meanwhile, down south on the Georges River, Forest Road ends abruptly, as though you are meant to start swimming... or catch a ferry. There are 'remains' on both sides of the river. Forest Rd was the original road link to the Illawarra, so, like Peat's, this would have been a busy vehicle ferry.

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