Friday, December 4, 2009

Sydney's airports - more than just one

Just a few air-side places to visit, virtually or otherwise...

There's RAAF Richmond, roughly adjacent to and north of the old Clarendon airfield.

Nearby neighbour RAN base Schofields, a bit too close to Richmond to survive, so it didn't.

Of course there's Sydney(Kingsford-Smith), but that's obvious.

And of course Bankstown, a big, busy GA field with a long history, hemmed in by development but hanging in there.

And Top Gear Australia for a brief time made the most of Camden's distance from Sydney to make use of its quiet taxiways for TV car tests. It's a useful and historical airfield that plays a key role in training and GA work but remains fairly underused. 

And Hoxton Park has been axed. chopped up and largely built over.

There's also long-lost Hargrave Park - too close to Bankstown - that is just a memory, and a collection of interesting street names

Did I say long-lost? How about the Jamison Park airfield at Penrith

And many more ex-WWII airstrips dotted around the city's extremities, most lost, a few active like Oaks Airfield or not, like at St Marys.

Checkout my list of Sydney and surrounding airstrips and airports.

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