Friday, December 4, 2009

More interesting places to virtually visit

Sydney is awash with tramway remnants, if you care to look. Check these out for starters...

The curves left behind... take the trams away and you just have an oddly-shaped street with a touch of curving mystery at both ends...

Above, Chippo's Meagher Street

Above is Eddy Ave at Central Station, including ramps (later reused for the current 'light rail').

North Sydney station, where the trams ran to the north of and parallel with the railway, running up a ramp (now used as a car park) and across a bridge (over the roadway) to a tram station opposite the Milson's Point railway station. From there they ran on reserved track on the opposite side of the Harbour bridge from the railway, entering a tunnel and terminating at Wynyard.

Above, Randwick Racecourse had it its own tram station, with platforms and an overhead bridge. You can still see some of this structure.

Above and below, Anzac Parade - the busway seen here was once reserved track, and there was a lot of it from here down past the SCG and the Showground and along Alison Road as well. There was reserved track on both sides of Anzac Parade in places, as well as in the central reservation further towards Maroubra.

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