Friday, December 4, 2009

Interesting yet discarded - part 1

Sydney is filled with interesting yet discarded or ignored history. You can go and explore on foot, or just browse here...

The Maroubra Speedway was just about there... in what is now Coral Sea Park.

Old road bridge lost in the Christmas '94 fires... it was a wooden trestle bridge from memory, just east of the current Ryde Road. I always meant to photograph it, then it was gone...

Roseville. Interesting approach (Babbage Road) to a low level bridge, replaced by a higher one, of course! There was once a recreation/holiday camp/dance palais on the Forestville side of the river, too.

Iron Cove... another bridge that was, with just the ramparts left on both sides... and note that there's a tram lane on the "new" bridge, too, now used as a T-way:

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