Saturday, June 12, 2010

Active gravel runway at Wallsend

Wallsair is a collection of 17 like minded aviators who enjoy their flying, from GA to ultra-lights. Conveniently located 4 Nm west of Newcastle, Wallsair has a 750 meter dirt strip oriented 30 and 210 degrees,

Currently 2 Hangars and a Clubhouse.

GPS Co-ordinates

S 32 degrees 52.977

E 151 degrees 40.977

Visitors are welcome, but where possible landings and takeoffs are to be to and from the north. If landing from the south is necessary, approach down the green corridor running south west of the strip. If the strip is wet, land and takeoff on the western side of the centre. Circuits are to be wide to the west around Maryland residential. Beware of HT power lines running along the west of the strip.

Wallsair flyers are all on radio and use Newcastle frequency 132.100 Mhz.

Here is an updated list of Sydney's airports.  

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