Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WWII plans to disable strategic railway tunnels - including the Woy Woy tunnel. That would slow your commute down

I've seen the tunnel mentioned on the site (click link below) and it's worth checking out the full details. It all makes sense of course. The sense of threat posed by the Japanese forces in WWII has receded with time (as you'd hope) and it's quite striking to reflect on the fears held at the time an dteh preparations made. My grandparents cartainly had a bunker in their backyard in case of bombing, for example, and had stockpiled food. But for some strange reason I never really quizzed them, or my parents, about the war years. The stories I did get were more about the dances at the Palais!

All things Woy
During WW2 with the threat of Japanese invasion quite real , a national defense plan was set into action.
Part of this plan was to disable the railway system so the Japanese could not use it if they invaded along the coast.
The Americans were in charge of coastal defenses in 1942 and trialled demolishing railway tunnels with explosives at an old tunnel near Otford on the South Coast.
Explosives were lowered down an air shaft and detonated , successfully collapsing the tunnel roof , it was proposed to repeat this plan at several other tunnels along the coast including Woy Woy tunnel.

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