Friday, June 11, 2010

Narara airstrip on Mangrove Road - for model aircraft only?

Having driven past this airstrip and read the signs alluding to the presence of a model aircraft club, I suspect the only aircraft operating from here are rather small... but the site itself suggests that a larger airstrip was once in operation.

Forestry Commission, perhaps? Wartime spotters strip? Emergency strip?

Here is an updated list of Sydney's airports.   


gameworld said...

Rumor has it that in world war 2 it was used for patrol planes looking for japanese submarines off the Ccentral Coast

Matt said...

The airfield was built and used as defence against the japs if they attacked Sydney and the surrounding areas but mainly Sydney the aircraft on the airfield considered of mainly fighters as the airfield was a tight fit for larger aircraft.
Now myself and many people of the community enjoy this ex war time facility by bush walking, flying model aircraft and more.
Thanks Matt.W