Monday, June 28, 2010

Tempe and St Peters map via Wilsons 1926

St Peters_Wilsons 1926_290
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As promised, the 1926 street directory map of Tempe... and haven't things changed!

Yes, the trams have gone now and Cooks River and Shea's Creek (Alexandra Canal) have moved, but several streets in Marrickville (like Renwick, premier and Warren Rd) have also been truncated somewhat since 1926.

Unwin's Bridge (of Unwin's Bridge Road fame) appears to be in the current location of the road bridge near the velodrome. Bridge Street has no bridge.

The dam, long gone of course, is marked on the Princes Highway. And there's a cricket oval on the highway at the Railway Road intersection (not to mention a host of disappeared streets). The extra park land apparent now at Sydenham is because of house buy-backs to reduce Sydney Airport's runway 34/16 noise footpoint.

And there's even a lime advert on the opposite page.

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