Friday, June 11, 2010

Taking off from Somersby airstrip, 2007

Below is a description of taking off from the Lackersteen's Rd airstrip, Somersby.

Interestingly there's what looks to be another old, unused airstrip on the other side of Peats Ridge Rd (ie to the north but running more east-west) - perhaps the Somersby strip used to be longer with a crossing strip or L shaped configuration and was cut by the roadworks? I do have doubts about the terrain, though - it may be a bit lumpy just there between the 2 sites.

Print Page - Back To The Nest - Bundaberg 2007
The engine takes a while to warm as the temperature is a bit on the cool side, but we are soon taxying to the run-up area, at the southern end of the strip. The engine run-up checks are all OK and the pre-flight essential check-list complete, so we taxy to the end of runway 35, make our departure call, log the time at 1008 and give the engine full throttle as we turn onto the runway for a short field take-off.

With the T’s and P’s in the green and the ASI rising, we accelerate down the hill that is a characteristic of the Somersby airstrip bouncing over the rough stuff and gently raising the nose of the aircraft for a short / rough field take-off. The Jabiru being full of fuel, two POB and holding a reasonable amount of luggage, is reluctant to leave the ground, but once it does we accelerate quickly in ground effect before raising the nose to the best angle of climb attitude and settling into the climb out. Once clear of the tree-line, we pick up the effects of the cross wind and adjust the flight path to suit. Lowering the nose to the best rate of climb attitude, I allow the aircraft to accelerate to the top of the white arc and then clean up the flaps. Fuel pump off – engine still running (always a good thing) and the rest of the post take-off check list completed T’s and P’s in the green, accelerate to the cruise climb speed of 90 KIAS and then 100 KIAS still gives a good rate of climb.
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