Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Drive the red gravel runway at Trafalgar Avenue, Woy Woy

I think I've mentioned this former WWII airstrip at Woy Woy a couple of times and neglected to provide a link. I'll remedy that now... - The Red Runway at Blackwall
During World War 2 the R.A.A.F constructed an airfield in the center of the Woy Woy Peninsula, running roughly along what is now Trafalgar Avenue between McMasters Road in the North to Oxford St in the South. Proposals were made for eight pens for medium bombers to be constructed in the nearby streets and bush blocks, these pens were to be camouflaged from enemy eyes by blending in with the local surroundings, local ti trees were to be used as well as man made objects like disguising a hangar to look like a house.
Here is an updated list of Sydney's airports.  

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