Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Albion Park - the Illawarra regional airport south of Sydney

Albion Park: the Illawarra's regional airport, south of Sydney. Albion Park airfield was built in 1941, about 18 kilometres south-east of Wollongong as an RAAF operational base.

Nearby Cordeaux airfield was constructed in late 1942 (near Cordeaux Dam, a strategic wartime target, being one of the dams supplying Sydney's drinking water) as a dispersal strip and landing ground (maintenance) for its parent RAAF Airfield, Albion Park.

The RAAF's Albion Park airfield consisted of two runways, 4500ft x 150ft and 6000ft x 150ft respectively.

Current airport operator (since 1960) is Shellharbour City Council. The primary runway today is 16/34, with a paved surface measuring 1,819 m × 30 m (5,968 ft × 98 ft). A displaced threshold reduces the available landing distance on runway 34 by 176 metres (577 ft), allowing aircraft to clear high terrain on the approach. The secondary runway 08/26 is suitable only for day operations as it is not equipped with runway lighting.
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It is interesting to read of factual history about a venue that we often see and pass by but never really get to learn of in detailed. I visit Illawarra quite frequently to drop off things at a self storage but never have I read of this airport or runway. I guess you need to really explore on a topic and read the underlying facts if you are really keen on the subject matter. Many facts and figures are available if you research thorough enough