Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Calga airport - sadly, not an airport at all

Sometimes things get mislabelled. This small block of land is an example.

That's "Lot 1 DP554845, Cooks Road", corner of Peat's Ridge Road, Calga. It has been described as a "small property owned by Airservices Australia" that includes "a meteorological station", an "electrical substation" and "a small shed".

Those towers look excessive for a met station, though. And strangely they are licensed for "radiodetermination", making them "navigational aids" in my book. ADS-B or NDB, if you like. As in "non-directional beacon". 

Perhaps it has other, hidden, qualities. But it's not an "airport" or even an airfield. Lots of web sites will swear blind that it is, mind. Don't believe 'em. 

If you ever wonder about what a particular tower (in Australia) is doing or who operates it, the ACMA website can tell you. Just click on the image below to vist ACMA.
Or check out my list of Sydney's airports and airfields.

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