Thursday, December 18, 2014

Luddenham: just full of runways, tracks and circuits

The more I look, the more I find. As you'd expect.

I started with airstrips. First I went looking for Fleurs at Kemps Creek. And then Kennetts, at Luddenham. And then Doonside. And finally back to Badgery's.

In the course of which I found this Society of model engineers (that would be engineers into models, although they may well be the very model of an engineer, who knows?). I'd heard of them but never visited. I think I should, though. The facilities (from trains to boats) look amazing.

It appears to include this quarter-scale speedway, too. And RC aircraft. Here's a screenshot from Google Maps:

And then there's this track, apparently nearby and new (Google Maps hasn't caught up yet) but possibly/probably unrelated...? It looks small, yes, but certainly full-sized...

In any event it's worth checking out Luddenham.

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